TERRAIN - Die Mikrobe ist nichts, dass Milieu ist alles!

'TERRAIN' - Die Mikrobe ist nichts, dass Milieu ist alles!

TERRAIN entlarvt den tyrannischen Welt-Pandemie-Schwindel, der auf dem feh­ler­haf­ten Krank­heits­modell aufgebaut ist, das als Keimtheorie bekannt ist. Dieser zwei­tei­li­ge Dokumentarfilm untersucht die Milieu- bzw. Terrain-Theorie, ein Modell für Gesundheit, das in Symbiose mit der Natur arbeitet, um Wohl­be­fin­den und Heilung frei von einem korrupten und fehlerhaften medizinischen Paradigma zu fördern. TERRAIN motiviert und inspiriert die Zuschauer, die Macht und Ver­ant­wor­tung von Zustimmung zu verstehen.


Terrain The Film - World Premiere (Andrew Kaufman, Marcelina Cravat, Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey and Others) - https://odysee.com/@Truth_will_set_You_Free:0/Terrain-The-Film---World-Premiere:9

Video mit reduzierter Auflösung; Video mit voller Auflösung unter https://terrainthefilm.com/world-premiere
40:50: Vorstellung der Beteiligten an diesem Film von Andrew Kaufman.
1:38:50: Einleitung von David Icke.
1:54:00: Beginn des eigentlichen Films.

Terrain The Film: Part 2 (Andrew Kaufman, Marcelina Cravat, Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey and Others) - https://odysee.com/@Truth_will_set_You_Free:0/TERRAIN---THE-FILM-(Part-2):b
Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Private Membership Associations (PMAs) : Ungripping from this system - https://www.bitchute.com/video/ywDjuq8RFFLq/
Mainstream Medical DESPERATION! - The truth that "viruses" don't exist is going viral 72777 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/4wcxvcueTouG/

The Mainstream Medical deceivers are in a desperate panic, their worst fear is coming true: People are learning in mass that their entire system which is designed around the ILLUSION called, "Germ/Virus Theory" is a complete FRAUD!

What's Covered in this talk?

  • Taking a look at a recently published critique by Dr. Peter McCullough of a study coming out in The Lancet. Even though Dr. McCullough makes important points, my worry is that he entirely misses the boat on virology. Find out why you should not fall for this desperate attempt to put the genie back in the bottle.
  • Learn why it's impossible for the "Covid-19 test" aka the PCR test, to ever detect a so-called "virus".
  • NOBODY has ever ISOLATED the SARS-CoV-2(Corona Virus), EVER! It's a UNICORN, a fairy-tale, it does not exist! (Except in continually repeated words in the Media thousands of times per hour and then in all the completely frightened masked-zombies who believe in their CULT religion...)
  • "they" are "priming" the PCR test NOT with a Properly isolated and sequenced SARS-CoV-2 "virus", NO, they are priming the PCR test with sequences that they already KNOW that most humans already have in their bodies even when they are healthy:>>>>>> IT'S A CON JOB!
  • "This whole thing[corona virus] is pure scientific nonsense..." Dr Tom Cowan
  • "...so if there is no 'virus', then there can't be a 'delta variant' or any other variant for that matter..."
  • "the reason someone who has been injected with the so-called 'vaccine' would have increased PCR Segments is very clear, of course you would becaused you've just been poisoned by the vaccine..."
  • And with the help of Dr. Sam Bailey, we will take a deep look at what actually causes chickenpox.
  • Does the varicella-zoster virus even exist, as we have been told?
  • Is chickenpox really contagious?

The answers to these questions are clear and, for some, will be very surprising.

Q&A Session Topics Included:

  • Why people are getting sick
  • Injections
  • Health Strategies to protect against Vaccine Shedding
  • Shingles
  • Delta Variant
  • How to strengthen your coherence
  • In silico genome

The bottom-line take away, VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST! The whole thing has been a FRAUD put together by very wealthy people for three purpose's:

  1. To make more money ("the love of money is the root of all evil")
  2. To control and manipulate the masses
  3. To be a tool to reduce the population to a level which is easier for these evil fraudsters to control.

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